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Hello, I’m Andrea and I’m going to enter my bank's app. Do you know what i want to find?

User behavior analytics for the use of mobile banking applications in Latin America and the Caribbean

From Mobile First to (almost) Mobile Only. This is how people throughout...

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How to ride the trend wave in personal banking

Boosted by the global context and in an increasingly strong way, consumer expectations are based on concepts such as "I want it fast" and "I want it for me”. Financial services...

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Onboarding digital: new customers and a non-hassle customer journey

In the age of immediacy, consumers are looking for fast, simple, personalized and relevant experiences. In this context, financial services customers are turning to...

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Houston... we have a Big Tech Problem

The prophecy is being fulfilled, and now it is Google that reacts. Google's CACHE (code-named) project will offer current accounts to its users in association with the most...

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Benefits for banking of working with omnichannel platforms

The increasingly demanding requests from consumers together with the technological trends in the last few years are two features that delineate a new scheme in the...

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Digital channels how to accelerate their adoption?

The Coronavirus pandemic helped to break down resistance to change and those who still did not dare to operate through apps had to do so. We are at a defining turning point, as...

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Bank digital customer services: challenges and opportunities

There is no longer any doubt that traditional channels (face-to-face or telephone service) are giving way to digital channels based on self-management portals and chats that...

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Where is banking heading with open bank

Within the banking and financial services sector, a business model was imposed that places the customer at the center of the provision of services and products. In the...

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Only 9% of Latam banks are very satisfied with mobile channel

Since the beginning of 2020, Covid-19’s pandemic had a large impact on the global economy. The banking sector was primarily affected and it had to alleviate the financial...

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