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Small and Medium Banking: How to Ensure Digital Banking Success?

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has accelerated changes in all markets, and the banking industry is no exception. A first impact has been the exponential growth of bank deposits due to the...

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Hello, I’m Andrea and I’m going to enter my bank's app. Do you know what i want to find?

User behavior analytics for the use of mobile banking applications in Latin America and the Caribbean

From Mobile First to (almost) Mobile Only. This is how people throughout the...

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Digital channels: how to accelerate their adoption?

The Coronavirus pandemic helped to break down resistance to change and those who still did not dare to operate through apps had to do so. We are at a defining turning point, as...

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Only 9% of Latam banks are very satisfied with mobile channel

Since the beginning of 2020, Covid-19’s pandemic had a large impact on the global economy. The banking sector was primarily affected and it had to alleviate the financial pressure...

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Trends in banking digital channels

The disruption of the banking business, a product of the insertion of fintech companies and large technological players, added to the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects, are...

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Latin American and Caribbean banks concerned about their internal culture as a challenge to innovation

People increasingly demand the possibility of carrying out more transactions through their Banks’ digital channels, however, it is not always easy for these to meet expectations....

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