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We are celebrating this great recognition at Finovate Fall 2021

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The quality of the presentation and the potential impact of our app’s innovation made us win the award at Finovate Fall 2021, an event with almost 1,500 attendees from around the world and more than 75 products presented. In only 7 minutes we gave a live face-to-face demo to show how it is now possible to go from the bank's app to the user's app.

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Finovate is an important conference cycle in the Fintech industry, which started in 1994. It is recognized for presenting trends and product innovations for fintechs already in a navigable format.

Its events are characterized by their practical and dynamic format since exhibitors only have 7 minutes to show a live demo of their innovation. Ppts are not allowed.

The September edition in New York #Finovate Fall had over 1,500 registrants and 75 products were presented.

After a thorough selection among hundreds of proposals, #Infocorp was selected to exhibit and present itself in the world’s most demanding market. For their part, the participants were invited to vote based on the quality of the presentation and the innovation’s potential impact.      A 2021-09-14 at 10.34.10

Infocorp was the only omnichannel banking platform company to win the Best Of Show award for the new version of IC Mobile, a unique and native banking app that allows hyper-customization of the user experience for each user and has predictive models that assist, promote and strengthen the relationship with the bank.                                                     Schedule your 7´demo

Greg Palmer (VP Finovate Group) gave us his feedback on Infocorp's presentation at Finovate Fall.


                                                                       Watch the award winner demo!


Finovate showed once again a great level of innovation in dozens of new product presentations that stand out as providing an untapped offering or industry improvement opportunity. In this context, our vision on the current and future mobile banking experience implemented in awarded IC MOBILE, confirms and supports the aggressive innovation roadmap that we have projected for the coming months. It certainly was an amazing experience going back to face-to face events that we were missing so much”

Germán Rama. VP of Product- Infocorp.

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