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Are there differences between the US and Latin American markets?

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Jim Marous' Keynote left a lot of learnings. In this 3 minute video our CEO Ana Inés Echavarren shares her vision on Latin American markets.


JM: You know, it's interesting, we look across the globe, and we look at differences between size for organizations, where they're located, the types of challenges that they have. Sometimes there are differences and sometimes there aren't. From your perspective, in working both in Latin America and the US with different types of customers of different sizes, what differences do you see in the marketplace?


AE: Yeah, in fact, trends and priorities are pretty much the same. In three areas we've mentioned: In terms of fintech partnerships smaller institutions, until now, had been not that eager to do so. They had preferred to do in-house development, smaller solutions, maybe not ready to make the bigger investments that buying a platform means; afraid of losing control or not being able to be different enough if they got a product; so that's one similarity.

The mobile challenge everywhere is now the challenge of choice among users. Adoptions have gone higher in every implementation that we have, in every country that we know, and retail users only use the web channel if there is a functionality there that is not available in the mobile app.

So, the third focus point that luckily everybody understands now -which is "How can you make better your customer's experience?"- is, of course, focused on the mobile experience. We are seeing a change of mindset also here; we are not talking anymore about the Bank's application but the User's Application

And, if you want to have a user feel the application is theirs, then you have to personalize the experience, make proactive recommendations, use the data you have on the user to make them feel understood, understand his needs, his favorite things, what he doesn't want to see, relevant content...

The same experience you get with the big tech firms like Amazon or Google, right? You have to live up to that expectation.

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