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Post-pandemic take-aways

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During this 2 minute video, Jim Marous, Director of Digital Banking Report, gives us his perspective about what the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the financial industry. Highlighted fragment of the Keynote Session: from the banking app to the user app.


What's really interesting about this post-pandemic time -if we can call it post-pandemic- is there's never been so much risk, but there's never been so much opportunity in the marketplace.

I've been in banking my entire career, you can tell this just by looking at me, and that's a long time. The banking industry has never been more exciting.

I've had the ability over the last several weeks, to visit bankers face-to-face and it has been great because I find that there's a lot of issues that they have that hold them back from change as we know it.

You know, to some degree, it's because you have so much to do just to do banking as usual.

Number two: prioritization. What do I prioritize? What do I do first? There's so much on the table.

Number three: Most organizations haven't embraced where the destination is. What do they want to become? If you don't know where you're going, it is very hard to get there.

In addition, while many of these organizations have similarities, many of them are different as you will see in different parts of the world.

The level of innovation differs between the size of the organization, where they are located, and how far they are along the digital transformation process.

But as I said, it's never been so exciting! It's a matter of saying: "Are you willing to do all that's necessary to run so fast to make these changes happen?" And that's actually where partnerships come in.

This is why organizations need to understand how powerful these partnerships can be to help them get along faster and easier.


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