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From Infocorp, we decided to interview different women who lead the change and inspire in the organizations where they work. Below you will find the experience of Elsa Manrique.

After studying Economics at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Elsa Manrique joined the Fundación Grupo Social in Colombia, where she has over 30 years of career. Since 2012, she has been Vice President of Strategy and Development at Banco Caja Social, one of the companies of the foundation.


IC: What is the history of the bank and how many employees does it have?

EP: It is a company of the Fundación Grupo Social, created 110 years ago by the Jesuit father José María Campoamor, who brought to Colombia the European model of savings banks. It began in 1911 as the Caja Social de Ahorros del Círculo de Obreros and in it 1924 became an independent financial institution. Today, the bank has 7,000 employees for 2,300,000 active customers.


IC: When did you join the bank?

EP: I joined another company of the foundation in 1991 and then I worked at the holding until 2000. From the beginning I connected with the purpose of the foundation, because I have always been an idealist, one of those people who seek to make, through their work, a contribution to society. That has always been my professional interest.

Mujeres que transforman bancos

IC: Tell us about the area you lead since 2012

EP: That year, the new President of Banco Caja Social, Diego Prieto, invited me to lead Strategy and Development, a key area in the bank's digital transformation and multichannel marketing. And now we're incorporating the area of data and advanced analytics, and the area of digital innovation. My team is made up of 6 direct reports, 3 women and 3 men.


IC: What percentage of the population of Colombia is banked?

EP: With product holdings, we have a good level: about 80 to 85% of the adult population. But the usage is much lower, around 60%. For instance, many people have savings accounts but suddenly they stop having a formal job and their account goes inactive.

Mujeres que transforman bancosIC: Finally, how is the relationship with Infocorp and how could it be improved?

EP: They were among the first technology providers who looked for us. Infocorp has challenged the bank to change our approach to technology from another perspective. I value more and more that they want to talk to us, "the non-tech". I would like to have a more direct relationship, because they are used to dealing with the technology area. And I think it would be nice to start talking about the development of projects long before you sit down with that area. It's never too late to build a multidisciplinary team.


Infocorp Mujeres que transforman bancos, la experiencia de Elsa Manrique


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