Why Implement an Agile and Automated Marketing Platform?

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Every industry that offers goods or services to consumers today is traversed by two major trends linked to marketing and technology: the focus on customer experience and digitalization and automation. 

In this framework, an agile and automated marketing platform becomes a necessary ally to deeply know each user and provide a personalized experience, through the right channel, at the right time.

How can this tool benefit financial sector entities and what advantages does it bring over the competition?


How to adapt to new customer demands?


Digital users no longer expect that financial institutions only feature their traditional strengths. In this new context, they also require banks to be available 24/7 through online channels that offer unique experiences tailored to each customer's specific needs. This context requires interactions aligned with their records and preferences, and that are honest and secure about shared data.




45% of financial institutions around the world believe that customization is one of the 3 positives aspects that will have the greatest impact on the customer experience.

Source: Digital Banking Report Research


Therefore, being on the channels where prospects are is an opportunity for companies to interact and get as much information about them and make decisions according to the preferences and needs of each one.

However, a task of this magnitude is impossible to perform manually and on a large scale. This is when the agile marketing platform comes into play: a resource that brings flexibility and pragmatism when it comes to marketing banking services.

Some of the benefits of implementing this tool are:

  • It improves the conversion rate.
  • It increases the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Efforts of the marketing and sales department are aligned.
  • Increased flexibility level of tactics in the face of changes.
  • It increases the performance of working teams.
  • It increases customer loyalty.



More than 75% of transactional operations and up to 40% of the most strategic activities of the banking sector can be automated.

Source: McKinsey





How does automated marketing operate and what are its most outstanding features?


With an extensive database and detailed information of each customer, it is possible to design customized omnichannel campaigns that run through various channels with the right message for everyone. Among the most important functionalities of this type of platform are:

  • Integrate the digital channels of the organization with the aim that communications are unified, and the customer has a unique experience while interacting with the company. In addition, all information about each contact is gathered in a single database to avoid dispersion across multiple platforms.
  • Continuously monitor activities on the website.
  • Intelligently segment leads of the database according to their behavior and sociodemographic and psychographic profile.
  • Synchronize bi-directional data manually and automatically.
  • Analyze the customer journey in real-time.
  • Optimize and customize campaigns and messages through machine learning for proper process automation.

However, when choosing this type of platform, it is pertinent to consider that there are two types in the market of softwareOn the one hand, the massive ones, which are sold with solutions for various sectors and industries, although they are becoming increasingly obsolete due to technological advances. And, on the other hand, the exclusive ones, which tend to specialize by sector, turning out to be key for financial institutions for 3 main reasons:

  1. They prioritize retention of existing customers.
  2. Specific data requirements and needs to generate integrations with other systems.
  3. Mobile banking applications.


             mejorar experiencia del consumidor


In an international survey, banks stated that the two top priorities for 2021 are digital transformation (75%) and customer experience (51%).

Source: Digital Banking Report Research


Beyond automation, the ultimate goal of any organization is to be agile and efficient when faced with new users’ demands. Although financial institutions have managed to see the value of technology in their processes, the reality is that accelerated changes in the market and society demand greater precision in the deployed strategies.

It's no longer enough to offer a good financial product or service: it's essential to redesign marketing towards a more modern one, able to meet the specific needs of customers by identifying opportunity points in a personalized way.

In this way, an agile and automated marketing platform will not only make your brand be in the minds of customers; but it will also optimize internal processes and, therefore, increase the rate of return of your organization.


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