How does Microcopy make a Company Stand Out in the Financial Sector?

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One of the aspects that contributes to building the relationship between customers and a brand is the user experience (UX), that is, the user experience with the product, system or service of a company. However, to provide a quality experience that contributes to the growth and distinction of a financial institution, it is essential to generate daily interactions with customers through online channels.

Now, is it possible to make a visit to the bank's website a memorable experience with a simple change in words and expressions? Of course it is, through Microcopy.

The way customers interact with their banks is increasingly mediated by websites or mobile applications. Therefore, online channels represent a great opportunity for financial institutions, because, through words or phrases in an interface, the user can be motivated to perform specific actions in a different and memorable way.

Whenever a person feels that their decision and purchase process is accompanied by timely, simple, and straightforward words, their experience will be positive: this is the importance of Microcopy.


implementación ux

Organizations that prioritize the consumer experience have 3 times better performance compared to companies with underdeveloped UX capability.

Source: Digital Trends Report 2021



Microcopy: aspects that change the user experience

  1. It humanizes the brand: it makes the interaction between the person and the machine generate the least sense of automation and robotic character. If words that are used in everyday conversation appear in an interface, the experience will be warmer and more human.

  2. It improves usability: because it is more intuitive to use a website or application, as it accompanies users in their browsing activity and clearly indicates the steps that must be followed to achieve successful searches, without generating confusion or anxiety.

  3. It allows the expression of personality and brand identity: the emotional characteristics that they associate with a company and that shape the way people interact with it.


Interaction: an opportunity to introduce Microcopy


Many are the moments to introduce Microcopy and it can be used from the first moment the lead visits the website or application of the financial institution:

  • Registration. Through distinctive questions, it is possible to differentiate your brand in a simple way: instead of asking about the name, opt for the nickname (this ensures the privacy of your data).

  • CTA. Through creative expressions that directly manifest the clicking function, the user will have clarity about what they will get when performing that action and improve their experience.

  • Contact pages. It is key to respond quickly to a lead's need; therefore, directing the user to the "FAQ" section or indicating the delay time for the resolution of a problem will make the difference.

  • Failed page error. These situations can generate frustration and anxiety for the user. It will be vital to properly communicate this error creatively and make it clear when it will be resolved.

  • Unsubscribe. It is a hard time for a company, but also an opportunity: through human expressions and specific questions about the reason for this decision, it will be possible to persuade the user to mark points for improvement in the company.


How to ensure good implementation of Microcopy?


When putting it into practice, it is important to avoid imperative or robotic expressions, technical terms, and use vocabulary similar to the audience: being clear and effective with the use of words and consistent in all channels will make it possible to transmit professionalism and facilitate the search of the user. 

Beyond design and imagery, each well-implemented expression makes the difference between a distinctive and exceptional experience from a mediocre and boring one. Encouraging to implement Microcopy in every interaction with the user in a creative way opens a range of opportunities to strengthen the relationship with customers.

In short, the key lies in communicating with users for what they are: people looking for a human, close and efficient interaction with companies. There lies the power and importance of Microcopy.


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